The President’s Executive Memorandum proposed providing assistance to federal agencies in the development of ADR programs through the operation of a number of smaller entities that can focus on subject-specific tasks.. At present, it is contemplated that there will be four such entities. They are as follows:

Each of these sections will have as its Chair a senior government official from an agency that has made significant progress in developing a dispute resolution program in that subject. Each section will also have the ability to call upon federal employees who are ADR experts in establishing dispute resolution programs in that field. Thus, agencies that decide to establish programs to resolve contract or procurement disputes will be able to obtain advice, guidance, information sharing and exposure to “best-ADR-practices” through participation in the Contracts and Procurement Section. Section meetings will address subjects such as program design, training, identification of neutrals, and systems of evaluation. Of course, ultimate responsibility for the development of dispute resolution programs and implementation of the mandate contained in the Presidential Memorandum of May 1, 1998, will remain with each agency.