Contracts and Procurement

Section Chair:

John A. Dietrich
Dispute Resolution Officer and Administrative Judge
FAA Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition
800 Independence Ave., SW, Room 323
Washington, DC 20591
(202) 267-3433

The Contracts and Procurement Section focuses on the use of ADR in the context of federal acquisition contracts, grants, and other transactions. The Section recently completed a second edition of its Electronic Guide to Procurement ADR. The Guide can be found here: Electronic Guide to Procurement ADR 2d

The first edition of the guide can be found here: Electronic Guide to Federal Procurement ADR

The Section frequently sponsors programs of interest to the people in these fields of practice, and in coordination with co-sponsoring organizations.

Past programs have included:

Title Date
ADR Settlement Agreements 06/24/2014
The Judge/Mediator Dilemma- Separating Mediator and Adjudicator Roles in Federal Procurement Forums 10/18/2012
Arbitration of Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Disputes 03/01/2012
Making Money Talk: A Presentation by J. Anderson Little 12/14/ 2011
Telephonic Mediation of Acquisition Protests and Contract Disputes 05/10/ 2011
Interest-Based Negotiation Through the Prism of Culture 02/08/ 2011
Dispute Resolution Boards and Partnering in Public Works Projects Webinar 04/13/2010
State Government ADR: Examples from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia 11/03/2009
Effective ADR Advocacy before the Boards of Contract Appeals 03/24/2009
Arbitration: Ensuring Efficient and Reviewable Proceedings under New Supreme Court Restraints 10/06/2008
Trends in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Law 05/07/2008
Using ADR to Resolve Civil False Claims Act and Qui Tam Actions 11/27/2007
Conflict Management In Evolution 06/11/2007
Using ADR To Resolve Government Contract Controversies: Potential Versus Practice In The Private Sector 09/12/2006
Agency ADR Programs: The Inside View – What Every Contractor Should Know 04/18/2006
Federal Procurement ADR Update 12/15/2005
ADR & Technology: An Introduction to the Cutting Edge 05/24/2005
Mediation Styles and Techniques 10/05/2004
Designing Conflict Management Systems 06/23/2004
Mediation Advocacy 02/24/2004
Structuring, Justifying and Funding the ADR Settlement 11/17/2003
Federal ADR Confidentiality — An Update and Practical Guidance 05/20/2003
Federal Procurement ADR Forum Selection 02/14/2003
Best Practices in Government contract Dispute Avoidance 12/04/2002
Unique Aspects of Mediating Government Construction Contract Disputes 10/24/2002
ADR Nuts & Bolts — Part III — Effective Government Contracts ADR Presentations 03/12/2002
ADR Nuts & Bolts — Part II — Effective ADR Preparation 01/25/2002
ADR Nuts & Bolts — Part I — Testing consent: Drafting the ADR Agreement 11/20/2001
Breaking the Impasse 05/16/2001
Confidentiality in Public Procurement ADR — Legal and Ethical Issues 11/09/2000
Developing Guidance for Federal Agency Binding Arbitration 05/3/2000
Expediting Audits for ADR 02/02/2000
Public Contract ADR: Success and Horror Stories 09/13/1999

The section draws its membership from judges, attorneys, and contracting personnel from a variety of forums and agencies.