Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution Resources for Federal ADR Programs

Spectrum of Collaborative Processes * New

The “Spectrum” displayed here was created by the Collaborative and Facilitative Processes Committee, established by the Interagency ADR Working Group to meet the growing needs of federal agencies that are exploring and implementing new collaborative dispute prevention and resolution processes. This chart identifies a wide variety of collaborative techniques that agencies are using, or considering, to address a range of issues, internal and external, regulatory and nonregulatory.

Program Core Principles and Model Policy Declaration

Program Development Resources

Second Edition of the Electronic Guide to Federal Procurement Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Appropriate Dispute Resolution, as ADR is now being called in many circles, is quickly and quietly gaining momentum as the conflict management tool of choice for resolving contractual disagreements within the business sector. The concepts presented in this Guide will enhance the skill and ability of government and industry personnel in resolving contractual issues. This Guide has been designed for electronic publication so that it can be readily accessible to virtually all federal procurement personnel on their desktop computers. The Guide permits you to review, print, download and integrate the most current ADR information into your contracting practices.

Guidance Regarding Confidentiality