Ch.08 – Improved Debriefings

Federal agencies typically offer debriefings to unsuccessful offerors after the agency makes a decision to award a contract to another offeror. See, e.g., FAR 15.506.

At least three federal agencies–the Department of the Air Force, the Department of Energy, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)–offer debriefings that go above and beyond the traditional debriefing. The Air Force has an “extended debriefing” pilot program in place. The FAA uses “enhanced” debriefings in appropriate cases. The Department of Energy uses “open book” debriefings in appropriate cases. The intent behind all of these methods is to provide more details than the ordinary debriefing would allow, and thereby avoid more formal and lengthy protest proceedings.


The Air Force’s Extended Debriefing Program
The Department of Energy’s “Open Book” Debriefing Process
Enhanced Debriefing with Mediation at the FAA ODRA

Subpages (2): AF Extended Debriefings | DOE’s Open Book