List of Contractor Interests and Resources

Every contractor or offeror has many interests and resources that are common in all contracts.


  • Ensure timely performance of a contract because [____fill in the blank ____];
  • Generate gross sales and profit;
  • Comply with legal requirements;
  • Create a defensible file to withstand public and government scrutiny;
  • Create opportunities for future work;
  • Avoid negative performance reviews;
  • Maintain positive customer relations;
  • Protect intellectual property, trade secrets, and commercial/financial information;
  • Retain good suppliers, subcontractors, and employees.


  • Funds;
  • Contractual authority (e.g., right to file claims and protests, VECP clauses, etc.);
  • Statutory and Regulatory authority (e.g., bankruptcy protection, etc.);
  • Subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Contractor’s insurance;
  • Professional services (accountants, consultants, attorneys, etc.);
  • Skilled employees (tradesmen, engineers, attorneys, contracting specialists, etc.);
  • Goodwill / reputation

Each contract or project also may present unique interests and resources to add to these standard items.